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So do you like to Karaoke..??

Last Weekend I joined a Karaoke MLM and I tell you it has revitalized my love and passion for singing. I went to university to study music and theatre and became quite a good singer and actor at the NCSA. (North Carolina School of Performing Arts). But as most entertainers...I hit the road with every bit of confidence of making it to Broadway....only to fall in love with a lady that didn't share my same passions and yeap...Love suckered me into gettin a "normal" job and starting living the American dream .....wife...2 children....2 cars....a dog and cat...big house....everything was great...but something was missing...after my divorce after 12 years I wondered what is missing in my life......it wasn't' till about 2 months ago I went to a birthday party at a Karaoke bar and sang there and people told me ...WOW you have a GREAT voice.....I thanked them....but Karaoke did give me that thirst again for the stage and the mic ...and the performance.....so I started going back....last week I joined the Karaoke MLM that is sweeping the world and bringing people to the Karaoke bars and not only are they singing and having a good time...but they make money too..!!!.... I have rekindled my passion for singing and I love it..!!!....Nothing better then getting up there and singing Hotel California and looking out at the audience and they are singing along with you with big smiles on their faces.....It's an Awesome Feeling..!!!
Karaoke is .
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