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Update our Sasukarin Playlist!!

Here you can vote for the songs you previously nominated over at the sasukarin fanclub!
Which 5 sings do you feel fit better for Sasukarin?
Papa Roach - Reckless
Deftones - Change
Innerpartysystem - What we will never know
InnerPartysystem - New Poetry
find a way - safety suit
Your Biggest Mistake - ellie goulding
The theft - Atreyu
Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode
Get out Alive - Three Days Grace
What Have you Done - Within Temptation
You - Breaking Benjamin
Justify - The Rasmus
Never the Same - Red
When The Lights are Down - Kamelot
Paid in Full - Sonata Arctica
Never Enough - Epica
Ghost Love Score - Nightwish
Sin and Restitution - Armen Hambar
Reality is Lonely - Thomas-Adam Habuda
That which You Seek - Zack Hemsey
Ezio's Family - JesperKyd
Full Moon - Nine Leaves
I was Wrong - SleeperStar
また出遭えたなら - KG ft. HanaH
I Love You Forever - Two Steps From Hell
She wants revenge - true Romance
Jeffree Star - Gorgeous
Amsterdam | Coldplay
Blind | Placebo
Eyes Without A Face | Billy Idol
For Everything A Reason | Carina Round
For Reasons Unknown | The Killers
Not Dark Yet | Bob Dylan
November Rain | Guns N' Roses
Princess Of China | Coldplay
R U Mine? | Arctic Monkeys
Scars | Papa Roach
Jekyll and Hyde - Plump
Lacuna Coil-Not Enough
Michelle Branch-All You Wanted
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