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Hub Olympics

We have provisonally organised a number of games for the Hub Olympics. This poll is to determine the level of interest in each event, those events with minimal/no interest may well be dropped from the final competition. Please note that the Hub Olympics will include two types of events: (1) Team events, when teams will compete against each other as part of a Round-Robin event. (these will make up the vast majority of games at the three main Hub Olympics events) (2) Individual events, when one or more team members can compete in an event against each other and individuals from other teams. The list below includes both types of events, so please tick all that you'd be interested in.
Please select the games that you're interested in competiting in.
100m sprint
Wii Golf
Wii Boxing
This poll was created on 2012-05-25 08:13:27 by angusbateman