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Rock Candy Radio Opinion Poll

We have some features we are considering and/or will be including in our Rock Candy radio show.

Listed are the segments and what they feature. We would like to know which features you think are good ones.

Just click on the box if you think that segment would be something you would like if you were listening to our show.
First Name Last Name
What formats of music broadcasts do you listen to? (check all that apply)
Satellite Radio
Internet Radio Broadcast / Podcasts
I don't listen to any radio formats.
What segments would you like to hear on our Rock Candy radio show? (check all that apply)
Power Chords - Music News.
Interviews - Short recent interview clips occasionally played before the performers song.
Fans Choice - One song requested by a fan each week.
Diamond In The Rough - Songs that could have been hits but were never released as a single.
Headliner - Two songs played by a featured artist at the end of the show.
Would you like to hear songs other than the hits from bands? This would be a random track off of an album. We would play no more than one random track per episode.
If one of the artists we play releases a new album or song, should we play a new track or should we stick to just their old material?
Just their old songs
Include their new music too
Is this the type of radio show you would listen to?
Feel free to give us a quick bit of feedback on any ideas or suggestions you may have. Please keep it short and to the point. Long comments will be discarded. Thank You!
This poll was created on 2011-09-25 17:14:25 by RockCandyz