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"Workplace bullying in Higher Education Exists"

This is the title of my doctoral dissertation. I need as many comments as possible please for my data analysis. However, please do not make any comments that have "curse" words or anything "derrogatory" towards any ethnic groups. I am not angry with anyone (life is too short). However, please know, bullying in higher education workplaces does exist. I was sexually harrassed, and bullied on my past job as a female African American Administrator. I had to quit! They would not harrassing me until I either quit or they killed me mentally. Hence, it prompted me to write my dissertation on the above title. In addition, there were only "5" Afr. Amer. employees out of 179 full time personnel. There were no other ethnic groups. Please give me your answer. Thank you for your professional kindness. Peace
If you are or were an employee in higher education, have you ever been bullied, and what type of active measures did you take?
Was your pay reduced and job duties decreased little by little? And you wondered what was going, but were afraid to ask.
I went to the Human Resource Department Manager and she appeared to act like I was trying to create problems. She called my supervisor and told her to take notes on everything I did.
Yes, I have been bullied at my workplace.
If you were bullied, did you ever become ill?
I was bullied to the point where I was afraid to go to work because the bullying began when I walked in the door.
Yes I have been bullied and did not tell anyone.
Yes I have been bullied. I told my supervisor and [he or she] would not help me.
The bully turned the situation around and made things appear as though I was the one who was causing trouble.
The bully would dare me to say anything.
This poll was created on 2012-04-10 02:58:58 by professordiane