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ATTENTION: Calling all Taylor Swift Fans!!

I made a poll about country's favorite hottie! :)
You like Taylor Swift?
OMG, yes! Such a hottie...and sooo talented!
I wouldn't listen to a TS song if you paid me! And I'd rather watch paint dry!
Who is better?
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood
Man, what's up with this girl? Every time she finds a new guy, she breaks up with him shortly after, and then writes a song about it, trashing the dude!
I'll tell you...she's banana-cake, psycho crazy!
Nah...the boy turns out to be a cheating loser, and she won't stand for that nonsense!
Yeah, but I'm thinking...with a girl like Taylor, why cheat? I mean, how can you hurt a babe like that?
Good point... :)
I gotta see what else is available out there.
If you were with Taylor, and she flirted with another guy, what would you do?
Kick his ass!
Put her over my knee for a good spanking!
Return the favor...talk to another girl.
Crawl under a rock and die.
What's the best song?
Picture to Burn
White Horse
Love Story
You Belong With Me
A Place in This World
Teardrops on My Guitar
I'm Only Me When I'm With You
The Story of Us
Better Than Revenge
Eyes Open
Tim McGraw
Did you hear that Taylor's parents are divorcing?
I know, it's sad. She must be heartbroken.
Don't you believe it. It's just a rumor.
Should Taylor be an actress, too?
This poll was created on 2012-08-19 12:44:08 by Captain Fantastic