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Chastised: Child rights vs Parents

The idea of keeping children pure by limiting their sexuality is nothing new. In fact for thousands of years chastity devices, also called chastity belts, have been used to prevent children from having sex, maturating or even to protect them from rape. Modern chastity devices are designed to facilitate urination and stoolation, safety and comfort levels comparable to that of orthodontic braces. In fact there are many chastity devices available on the market today geared at children, both girls and boys.

Chastity belts are not without controversy. Many people see them as adult fetish items and would not allow their child to own one, much less force him to wear one. In fact chastity belt use in Western society is rare and seen as a taboo. Many people see their use on children as being cruel and abusive.

What are your experiences and opinions on these devices. Is the use of them legal in your jurisdiction?

Thank-you for your participation.

What is your sex?
Male intact
Male circumcised
What is your religion?
Roman Catholic
Other Christian
What country are you in?
United States
United Kingdom
To the best of your knowledge, is it unlawful in your jurisdiction to lock a child in your care in a chastity device, such as the one illustrated above?
I have no idea
Were you ever locked into a chastity device as a child?
Do you think that a modern chastity device is safe enough as to not pose any harm to child even after long term use?
Many people have argued that chastity devices protect against sexually transmitted disease, unwanted pregnancy and even rape. As a means of protecting a child's sexual purity, an accepted priority in many religions, people have argued that protecting their children with a device such as the one illustrated above is a religious obligation. Similar health and religious arguments have been used to justify circumcision of boys, a practice that was recently ruled to constitute bodily harm in Germany. However advocates of chastity device use on children have pointed out that unlike circumcision the device can be removed at any time while circumcision is not truly reverse-able with current technology. Given this argument, do you think it would be hypocritical for a society where circumcision is legal to ban chastity devices for children?
No, chastity devices should be banned
Yes, both circumcision and chastity devices should be banned
Yes, both circumcision and chastity devices should be legal
No, only circumcision should be banned
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