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Make yourself a clown!

Decide how you will look as a clown and decide on your circus act!
What will your wig/hair be like?
Bald with curly hair on the sides
Cute, colorful pony-tails/braids
Standard multi-colored curly wig
Completely bald
Long, curly hair in a crazy color
Long, straight hair in a crazy color
Are you a really dedicated clown? Will you cut/shave your hair to match your wig?
What will your costume look like?
A fancy suit
A baggy polka-dot jump-suit with ruffled sleeves
A fancy dress
A short dress with a flowy skirt
A hobo outfit
What will be your circus act(s)?
A skit involving physical comedy with the other clowns
Being pied and slimed in front of the whole audience
Juggling and doing tricks
This poll was created on 2012-09-11 21:57:17 by wow123