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What Do You Think About Canada?

Please tell me what you think about Canada.
Do You Think Canada is a Nice country To Live in.
Not Sure
Yes But I Don't Want To Live There
Please Tell Me What You Don't Like About Canada.
People Are Rude.
People Are Idiots
Canada is Cold.
They Don't Know English.
People in Canada Are Stuck-up.
Please Tell Me What You Like About Canada.
People Are Nice.
Canada is a Beautiful Country.
Great Scenery.
Nice To Get Away From The City life And Spend Time in The Wildlife.
Canada Has Nice Cities And Places.
Do You Think Canadians Are Smart.
I Don't Know.
Dose Canada Have Buildings And Houses or Do They Live in Igloos.
They Have Houses And Buildings.
No They Only Have Houses.
No Only Buildings.
No They Live in Igloos.
I Don't Know.
Please Tell Me What You Think About Canada.
This poll was created on 2012-09-17 04:34:50 by Pro Audio