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Did Batman Die in the Dark knight Rises

Many discuss this topic so i wanted to know what did you guys think.
Did Bruce Wayne die in the Dark knight Rises?
Yes he died for his city.
No he is still alive with Selina Kyle( Catwoman)
Batman Died but Bruce Wayne lived
What ending do you perfer?
Bruce Wayne dies for his city.
Bruce Wayne is still alive with Selinia
Open ended could go either way
If you think Bruce is alive. How do you think he Survived?
He escaped the Bat and swam back to the city
Bruce was hopeless and unable to escape. When Superman comes and saves him from the blast.
If you think Bruce is dead. How do you think he died?
He sat in the Bat without trying to get out, because Bruce only saw one way to end his journey.
He jumped out of the Bat but Drowned
What movie should they make after the Dark knight Rises?
Joseph gordon-levitt sequel( Robin/Nightwing)
Reboot Batman
This poll was created on 2012-09-28 23:04:07 by Randy Sean Rindley