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What is your favorite -A moment in Season One?

What is your favorite -A moment?

0% (0) Stealing a photobooth picture of Emily and Maya kissing
0% (0) Writing a message to the liars in lipstick in Spencer's bedroom
0% (0) Arranging a broken flowerpot in Spencer's kitchen
15% (2) Making a dedication to Spencer on the radio
7% (1) Slipping an -A message in the liar's Chinese food fortune cookies
0% (0) Writing on a Tarot card for Spencer
0% (0) Changing the population sign after Emily was allegedly hurt from an encounter with Toby Cavanaugh.
0% (0) Pulling Toby Cavanaugh's psychological profile out of the water.
0% (0) Leaving a copy of a letter written by Emily to Alision revealing her love for her into a copy of Great Expectations.
0% (0) A sending a clip of a video of Alison the night of her disappearance to the Rosewood Police.
0% (0) A leads Aria to a poem written by Ezra that was published in a book.
0% (0) Hanna claims she knows who A is after spying in the woods and gets hit by a car. A later texts the lairs taking credit for the hit and run.
15% (2) A leaves a message on Hanna's cast while she was in the hospital
0% (0) A stealing money that Ashley Marin stole from her work and then A blackmails Hanna with it.
0% (0) A leaves money with notes written on it in public places like her locker at school.
0% (0) A makes Alex believe that Spencer sent in a application for him, pressuring him to pursue his tennis career. He then breaks up with Spencer.
7% (1) A forces Hanna to eat a box cupcakes with pigs on them for more money.
7% (1) A gives the liars a video of Alison's disappearance which the liars suspect Ian of murdering Alison.
0% (0) A makes Hanna dance with Lucas for money. Every dance she did, the more money she got.
0% (0) A has a fake Alison and Jenna bracelet made by an bead lady and placed the order under Spencer's name..
0% (0) A listening to French tutorial record while arranging Clue-like objects on the table. A wrench, a pipe, a knife and a rope resembling a noose and a box that reads candlestick.
7% (1) A calls an exterminator to visit Hanna's house under the pretense of taking care of an infestation in the basement referring to Caleb living in her basement. Basically letting Hanna know that A knows he is down there.
0% (0) In A's lair, rats in cages are seen with the liars names on them. The one with Spencer's name is missing from the cage.
0% (0) A watches a video of the liar's reactions to getting text from A while eating popcorn.
7% (1) A is seen smashing a heart with Hanna's name on it and packaging it into a box with a message for her.
0% (0) A writes messages to Spencer inside of a haunted house where she got trapped.
0% (0) A stole a key to Ezra's house from under his welcome mat.
30% (4) A saves Spencer from being murdered by Ian and in the process he is hung by ropes tangled around his throat. A removed Ian's body before police arrived making the liars seem delusional.

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This poll was created on 2012-10-05 13:23:11 by prettylittleliarsquestions
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