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What is your favorite -A moment in Season Two?

From the show Pretty Little Liars.

What is your favorite -A moment in Season Two?

0% (0) A plants Ezra's stolen bachelor's diploma in Dr Sullivan's office
0% (0) A is in Emily's room deleting her hard drive (which contains videos A sent her)
0% (0) Emily writes and tears up a fake Danby University letter and throws it in her garbage can. Later, a replica letter is sent to Emily's mother. Emily searches for the ripped up letter and finds a note from A.
0% (0) A sends Emily a box full of Danby paraphernalia, making Emily's mother proud.
0% (0) Spencer pawns Melissa's engagement ring and A buys it from the pawn shop.
0% (0) A trashes Dr. Sullivan's office.
9% (1) A stages the suicide of Ian Thomas.
9% (1) A puts Ian's phone in Spencer's bag. The same phone A was using to text Melissa pretending to be Ian.
0% (0) A wrote Ian's suicide note from text massages A sent the Liars.
0% (0) A reveals another video to the liars revealing that Ian may not have been Alison's killer.
0% (0) A sabotages a fashion show the girls are in to portray Alison as the devil with fire and black eyes.
0% (0) A sends a gift basket to Hanna stating that they know there are two liars living under the same roof.
9% (1) A is seen using a syringe to siphon a steroid into Emily's pain relief cream.
0% (0) A hides under a sheet in the morgue where Spencer and Aria where looking at Alison's autopsy results.
0% (0) A makes Emily give one of Samara's fiends her phone number or else A would tell everyone about Emily's steroid results.
0% (0) Emily eats cereal at school, later realizing that they are all shaped like A's and a message from A is attached.
9% (1) Emily goes to get a professional massage, where A sneaks in and gives her a massage leaving an A in the condensation on a water glass in the room.
9% (1) Dr. Sullivan reveals to Emily that she knows who A is, but before she could tell her in person, she goes missing.
0% (0) A gives Dr. Sullivan an envelope of money for not returning to Rosewood.
18% (2) A sends Alisons texts in the Halloween Ep. and attacks her pretending to be Noel.
9% (1) The liars set up a meeting to catch A, but A escapes, leaving behind their cell phone.
0% (0) The girls suspect Lucas of being A's helper. Hanna pushes him over board on the lake. Later A is seen fishing Lucas' shoe out of the water.
0% (0) Hanna is crying in the bathroom at school after fighting with Mona. She discovers water over flowing from a sink with a toy boat and a message from A.
0% (0) A is seen loosening a bolt in the wall at Spencer's house to sabotage Toby.
0% (0) A threatens Hanna to stop Caleb from working on A's phone or A would expose her mother for stealing money from the bank.
0% (0) A is seen stealing a gun from Mr. Hastings desk.
0% (0) A steals Caleb's laptop as he sleeps.
0% (0) A leaves a message on Byron's car telling him about a date Aria has with Ezra.
0% (0) A sends Mona a message accusing her of shoplifting with a picture of Hanna's mom and detective Wilden together.
0% (0) A sends Mona Hanna's police report.
0% (0) A sends a text to Jenna telling her to go to Jason's house. The house catches on fire, assumably set by A.
0% (0) A pays Martha, a doll shop owner, to feed information the the curious liars and use her shop to scare them.
0% (0) Spencer takes Mona to investigate a room in which she finds A's lair.
27% (3) Spencer then realizes Mona is A and Mona attacks Spencer, knocking her out. Spencer wakes up in the passenger seat of a car Mona is driving.
0% (0) A red jacket visits Mona and suggests that she is working with some one else. Suggesting that there is an team of 'A's

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