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Does Amanda Bynes have a drinking problem?

I'd like to post a short poll, asking if you think that Hollywood star Amanda Bynes has an alcohol problem.
Even if you haven't heard the stories in the media, or based on your own perceptions, do you believe that actress Amanda Bynes has a problem with alcohol?
Do you think that Amanda is the subject of a witch hunt, by the media and the police?
Are you a fan of hers, by any chance?
Do you think Amanda should attend an AA meeting?
I have heard in the news media, reports that Amanda quoted as saying, "I do not want to be known as an actress any longer. I have left that scene. I wish to move to New York, and pursue a new, full-time career as a fashion designer." What is your opinion of this?
I say good for her! She has a right to live her life as she pleases...especially when it concerns following her dreams. It is about time she made a bold move, and got away from that Hollywood scene; too much drama.
I don't want to see her go. She is beautiful and talented in television and films, and that is where she should stay. Okay Amanda, if you want to leave...fine, be that way! But I'm going to miss you something awful. Good luck, though. :(
These last two questions are just for fun...I couldn't resist. Is Amanda a hottie?
Is the sky blue? Why do you even have to ask? XD
No way, dude! She's so cold, the penguins in Antarctica are jealous, haha!
Do you know if Amanda has a boyfriend?
I'm sure she does. Stupid jerk...I'll have a word with him, lol...!
No, she's free as a bird...you want her, go get her, you sly dog!
She doesn't have time for love these days; too busy working...and partying!
Not sure. Couldn't care less, anyway; I already got someone else, way better! And even if not, I'd rather stay single than be with that wreck!
This poll was created on 2012-10-13 22:11:09 by Rebel Soul