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Best WWE vs TNA matches

If WWE and TNA had a mixed PPV, who would win? Mickie James (TNA) vs Kelly Kelly (WWE)?
Mickie James
Kelly Kelly
Mixed Tag Team match, Antonio Cesaro and Aksana of WWE vs Eric Young and ODB of TNA?
Eric & ODB
Antonio & Aksana
Rob Van Dam of TNA vs Christian of WWE?
Rob Van Dam
Who did you like more as General Manager? Johnny Laurinaitis while he was on position in WWE or Hulk Hogan in TNA?
Johnny Laurinaitis
Hulk Hogan
Mr Anderson (TNA) vs The Miz (WWE)?
Mr Anderson
The Miz
Kurt Angle (TNA) vs John Cena (WWE)?
Kurt Angle
John Cena
Sting of TNA vs CM Punk of WWE?
CM Punk
Evan Bourne of WWE vs AJ Styles of TNA?
AJ Styles
Evan Bourne
Austin Aries of TNA vs Drew McIntyre of WWE?
Austin Aries
Drew McIntyre
Jeff Hardy of TNA vs Alberto Del Rio of WWE?
Jeff Hardy
Alberto Del Rio
Better commentators? WWE's Michael Cole or TNA's Taz?
TNA's Kid Kash or WWE's Zack Ryder?
Kid Kash
Zack Ryder
Bobby Roode - TNA vs Dolph Ziggler - WWE?
Bobby Roode
Dolph Ziggler
Jack Swagger of WWE vs James Storm of TNA?
James Storm
Jack Swagger
Mason Ryan of WWE vs Abyss of TNA?
Mason Ryan
Robbie E (TNA) vs JTG (WWE)?
Robbie E
Samoa Joe - TNA vs Daniel Bryan - WWE?
Samoa Joe
Daniel Bryan
Better tag team?
Angle & Styles (TNA)
Kofi & R-Truth (WWE)
Do you watch WWE and TNA?
I only watch WWE
I watch both WWE and TNA (and I know their wrestlers and PPVs)
I only watch TNA
The best WWE superstar on the current roster? (optional)
The best WWE Diva on the current roster? (optional)
The best TNA wrestler on the current roster? (optional)
The best TNA Knockout on the current roster? (optional)
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