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Politics and emotions

Some say who we are determines our politics more than we think. This poll is a survey to discover if emotions play a part of our political persuasions.
Most of us are either anger based or fear based. This is not say we walk around all of time anger and/or afraid but to determine which of those feelings (anger/fear) is our "default" feeling. The feeling we most gravitate to or identify with. Are you fear based or anger based?
I am anger based...I access anger much easier than fear.
I am fear based...I access fear much easier than anger.
Which political party do you generally agree and side with?
I generally agree with Democrats (liberals) more than Republicans (conservatives)
I generally agree with Republicans (conservatives) more than Democrats (liberals)
Based on the answers you gave so far, which one of the following four categories do you generally fall into?
I am anger based and Republican
I am fear based and Republican
I am anger based and Democrat
I am fear based and Democrat
My age is:
I am:
I am:
This poll was created on 2012-11-06 01:02:18 by bbear43