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Anons of /a/. Decide the fate of the Suggestion Box!

An opportunity for anonymous users of the imageboard 4chan to use the Suggestion Box system to change a nightly thread, or eliminate the concept of a Suggestion Box completely. It will be the last passionate breaths of a dying idea or the birth of a magnificent ideological revolution!
I think the idea of a suggestion box is [Blank 1]. If I had one suggestion for the thread it would be [Blank 2].
Do you have any alternative ideas for the Suggestion Box?
I like the anonymous e-mail service idea.
These polls would work well for me.
I liked the threads better before Koibito-dono added that stupid Suggestion Box.
I have another idea that I'd like to elaborate on. (Proceed to Question 3)
If you selected the fourth option for Question 2, please elaborate on any ideas you may have here.
This poll was created on 2012-11-28 02:35:59 by Medaka-dono no Koibito