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Guys wearing Girl Jeans (Girls Only)

How do you feel about guys wearing girl jeans?
How would you feel if your date was wearing girl jeans?
A) Cancel the date
B) Continue the date
C) Not care about what he's wearing
D) Admire his taste in jeans and get turned on by them
What if your boyfriend can fit your jeans would you...
A) Let him wear them?
B) Tell him no he can't wear your jeans
C) Not sure
D) Wouldn't care
Do you think guys wearing girl jeans is attractive?
A) Yes
B) No
C) Unsure
D) Don't care
If you and your boyfriend could wear the same jeans, would you...
A) Love it!
B) Hate it!
C) Be jealous
D) Wouldn't matter
What style jeans would you want your boyfriend to wear if you made the choice?
A) Hip Hugger lowrider jeans
B) Skinny jeans
C) Lowrider Boot cut jeans
D) Lowrider Flare jeans
Why would you want your boyfriend to wear girl jeans?
A) So you can see his butt
B) Because is would look sexy on him
C) Because it is the current fashion style of today
D) I don't want him wearing girl jeans
E) Because i want us to dress alike when we are together
This poll was created on 2013-01-22 02:45:34 by The Movies