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Views on Islam

Just wanna see the worlds views on Islam
Do you feel Islam is a dangerous religion?
Im not sure/Dont care
Would you identify yourself as "Islamaphobic" ?
Im not sure what that is
Have you ever met a Muslim personally, as a friend?
Many Americans are reverting to Islam from Christianity and Athiesim, especially after 9/11. Does this bother you? (9/11 had alot of people curios about the faith, and many looked into it)
Yes, this bothers me alot
No, Its freedom of religion
I dont care what religion people choose
Who would you describe as being the Biggest threat to the World?
The islamic extremists
Any religious extremists
The U.S. Government/Military
Other Governments/Military
Countries holding nuclear weapons
Racist groups (KKK, Black Panthers, Neo-Nazis, EDL)
Do you agree with the French Law of banning Muslim women from wearing Niqabs?
Im not sure what that law is
If your a Non-Muslim, have you ever been physically harmed by a muslim?
Im a Muslim
If your a Muslim, have you ever been physically harmed by a Non-Muslim?
Im not a Muslim
Why do you think Arab/African/Asian/European muslims come to Western Countries?
For education
To escape War
To understand the culture/people better
New experiences
Better opportunities (Economically/Socially/freedom)
To take over the world and force Sharia Law on everyone (LOOOL)
This poll was created on 2013-02-03 04:31:50 by tijuanipul