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Anime/Manga Battle for Supremacy

This poll is to help decide through popular vote which anime/manga is considered the best by the people who vote here. I would like to know of some more animes/mangas to be considered because I have only read the following.. Dragon Ball Naruto One Piece Death Note Bleach Yu Yu Hakusho Rosario + Vampire 1 and 2 Full Metal Alchemist Claymore So with that being said, those will be included, but it's up to you to select more you'd like to see in the next poll... I'll post the actual poll after a set amount of time.
What anime/manga would you like to be considered to be the best?
How would you like the decision to be made?
A clash between main characters
Overall quality, story, character development, etc.
If other, then please share your input!
This poll was created on 2013-02-08 11:19:45 by jtho117