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Moms Only: Son Getting Kicked in the Balls

Here is a brief synopsis of my situation: My 11 year old son apparently groped a 14 year old girl's chest at the park the other day. He confessed this to me recently because he has now heard that she will kick him in the balls the next time she sees him. I grounded him for what he did, but the girl came to our house yesterday looking for him. I explained that I have punished him for what he did, but she insists on being allowed to kick him. As a woman, I am tempted to let him take his medicine, but as a mother I also don't particularly want to see him get hurt. I admitted to the girl that I would want the same thing if I was in her position, but I'm obviously conflicted. What do you think, moms? I have a few questions below.
The obvious first question, should I let this girl kick my son in the balls?
As his mom, should I be the one to kick him? My rationale is that she will likely kick him as hard as possible, but I would have more control. Thoughts?
If you were in my situation, would you let your son get kicked in the balls?
How many times should he be kicked for what he did?
Should I be kicking him in the balls regularly for punishment when he does something like this?
This poll was created on 2013-02-24 18:24:33 by Ashbear336