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What is your view on the aerial hunting of wolves?

The concept of aerial wolf hunting is something I'm sure most people have heard of by now. It basically involves the tracking and shooting of wolves from a small plane or helicopter. It is considered a somewhat controversial issue, and I am curious to find out the various opinions about it.
I don't support aerial hunting of wolves, but it has nothing to do with the morality of it. I'm more concerned about the cost. It takes money to run those planes and helicopters, and it's money could be spent better elsewhere, especially during these economically troubling times.
I support hunting itself, but I don't think aerial hunting of wolves is very sporting. The wolves don't have much of a chance, and it takes away most challenge for the hunter.
Aerial hunting is absolutely barbaric, cruel, and morally reprehensible. Wolves are very intelligent animals; they are self-aware and care about one another. I could never condone killing them in this manner.
I support the aerial hunting of wolves. It helps keep the wolf population under control, while maintaining healthy populations of deer and caribou. It's an effective method of hunting.
I think it is a disgraceful practice, one that should be banned. A healthy wolf population is important for the ecosystem, and aerial hunting is drastically reducing their numbers at an unsustainable rate.
Personally, I'm all for it! Wolves are savage beasts, they're little more than filthy vermin that deserve to be exterminated.
This poll was created on 2013-03-08 15:36:02 by Rosharia