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shadow and maria

I just love this couple!!!!! What's your opinion
Do u like this couple
If Maria turned into a hedgehog after her death and hurried to find shadow what would u count this
She loves him
Puking now >:(
From tails to help shadow to answer the last questin
I ment tails is the one that turned her into a hedgehog if shadow met her as a hedgehog how would you think he feels
To tell Maria he loves her
Great and ready to ask out
Suprised but happy
Thanking tails so much
Crying tears of joy
Bad and tries to get away >:( this poll is not 4 u
If u would want Maria and shadow to get Married why
If they were to have kids what would u feel
Can they do that
Great shadaria forever
Creeped out
How would you think sonic silver and tails and knuckles would think about this
If u want me to draw a picture and post it on youtube of them what do u want me to draw and if u want me too
Or on there first date
Them kicking a## together
There kids or kid
Them getting married
Them kissing
Please not id draw her as a hedgehog and all of this was her as a hedgehog
Note I ment
This poll was created on 2013-03-16 22:08:12 by snowflake the hedgie