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Angry Parents on YouTube?

I have seen MANY parents who will post a video on YouTube that will involve their children (usually in some state of undress,) with a title you would have to have been literally born yesterday not to know it involves the above. It is then wonder why that video has so many more hits than all of the other videos hosted on their channel (sometimes combined.) Then, the "P" words start being thrown around (Pervert, and Pedophile) and the parents get angry at them for watching the video they uploaded. I'm going to remain neutral here - I just wanted to come here and see what the audience at Mr Poll thought about this topic. I know this is a sensitive issue for a LOT of people, but PLEASE try to remain civil. I have NO problem turning in users who tease, berate, humiliate, swear at, harass, or in ANY WAY make another user feel uncomfortable coming to a poll or thread I'm involved in creating.

Should the users of YouTube and other video-sharing sites be upset, mad, angry, etc. when they notice the videos they've willingly uploaded of children in various states of undress have garnered more views/hits than all other videos on their channel/account combined?

50% (1) Yes! These "people" DO NOT belong on such sites and YT (and other sites) should do something to prevent their access!
50% (1) NO! YT and several other video-sharing sites have privacy settings so the user can typically control who does/doesn't get access to the video in the first place, so they have NO right to complain!
0% (0) I have no opinion one way or the other.

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If you have any other comments, rantings, angry words, or even the opposite (the latter of which, frankly, I'm not expecting in the least,) please leave them here. Don't worry, they'll be private. PS: If you have nothing to say, just say no comment, or N/A, or something like that, as I'm making this a required field.

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2 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2013-03-24 07:38:58 by BriKuhn
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