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what do you like to do on the internet

which of these would you find enjoyable doing on the internet?

13% (4) searching for a backround for my computer
63% (19) doing online surveys
73% (22) looking at pictures i like
16% (5) going on playstation or xbox websites
20% (6) looking at clothes i like online
33% (10) going on anime websites

30 voters have answered this question.

would you like to design your own video game if you could?

33% (10) yeah
26% (8) no
13% (4) not sure
43% (13) i would like to try a lot of new things out
43% (13) i would enjoy creating the story for my game
36% (11) i would like to create my characters
36% (11) i would like my game to be diffrent from the others

30 voters have answered this question.

how expensive would you like your game to be?

41% (10) a cheap price so its affordable
4% (1) a really expensive price so people could see it was a good game
54% (13) or just about average price

24 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2013-03-26 18:57:25 by cantsayno
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