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Burping and being sexy (girls only)

Hi! I'm a 19 years old girl and I feel really hot and sexy when I rip huge and deep belches... especially if I'm alone and almost nude or in bikini (I've got a great body!!).... I just want to know if I am the one....
How old are you?
Do you think you are sexy?
I'm a sexy bomb!
I'm pretty
I'm beautiful as an angel
I think I'm ugly
Do you like to burp?
I love burping!
I like it, but I can't burp
I don't like burping
I hate burping!
How often do you burp?
Whenever i feel to
When its necessary
I try to hold back burps
I never burp
Do you ever burp when you're alone?
All the time!
Only if I need to
No. I don't burp
Do you ever burp when you're with someone (family, friends etc.)?
Always! And I love to see their reactions!
When I feel to, but then I say excuse me
Yes, sometimes, but only with friends
Do you burp just when it comes or do you make yourself burp on purpose?
I often drink soda, beer or carbonated drinks to induce myself to make a deep belch
I burp only if I want
I burp only if I need
When you are alone at home, do you ever burp in front of a mirror?
Always, to see the effect that my belch gives
Sometimes, if I have nothing to do
I don't do it
Do you feel sexy when you burp?
I think that burping makes me hot!
I feel sexy even if I don't burp
I burp even if I feel less sexy
I think burping its disgusting
Do you like to burp when you're in the shower?
Yes, I always burp when I'm in the shower!
If I need to, I burp whenever it comes
Usually I don't burp
Is there something that helps you to burp (push stomach, take off clothes, remove bra, etc.)?
Yes, I help my burps to come out
No, I can perfectly burp without any help
Sometimes, if I want a more powerful belch
(Only for 18+) Do you ever burp when you're almost/completely nude? (I'm asking this cause I do it)
Yes, I feel free without clothes!
When it comes
Only if its necessary
(Only for 18+) Do you use your burping skill as a sensual weapon?
Yes, guys love it!
I'm sexy, guys appreciate when a hot girl burps
No, I don't need to impress boys with it
(Autobiographical question) Do you ever push/rub your breasts when you burp?
Yes, I think its help burping
Yes, because I like to do it
Not on purpose
Absolutely no!
What do you think about girls that hate to burp?
They are jealous because they can't burp loudly
They may not like it, i respect their choice
They are right
Describe your philosophical idea of "burping"
Describe your idea of "sexy"
(Answer only if you gave a positive answer at 9th question) Explain why you feel sexier when you release burps
Will you ever stop belching?
Absolutely NO! I will always burp as loud as I can, at all costs!
I hope it won't happen...
If its necessary, I will let go my talent
At the first opportunity
Your burps are (choose more than one):
If you feel sexy and talented at burping, why don't you make burping videos and upload them on YouTube (if you already have a channel let me know its name, I'm curious!)?
I already do this, I've got a channel with all my burping skills
I don't like to show my talent
I don't need a channel to make people see (and hear) my belches
(Only if answered "Yes" in the previous question) What's your channel's name?
How many times a day do you rip belches?
1-2 times
5-7 time
15+ time
Too much times to count them!
If you feel a huge burp coming, what do you do?
Just burp, naturally, just like when I'm alone
Blast it out!
Burp, then say excuse me
Burp silently
Burp in my throat
Hold it
Finally, do you ever make burping contests with other persons?
I always win them!
I join the competition only if the are other girls
I try, but I not alway win
I loose every contest
I don't join
I burp as better as I can, showing how a hot girl like me can humiliate male burpers!
This poll was created on 2013-04-22 14:21:40 by burpsexy