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Just for Girls: About Yourself, Internet and... Burping

Ehy Girls!! I've already made a similar poll... I am a really sexy babe (19 years old) and I LOVE to make deep and long belches!!!!! I'd like to open a youtube channel with my burping videos (I think could be funny). In the poll you will have the opportunity to mention your channel (or just one of your burping videos) if you have one, and I'd prefer you write its name, so i can see how you do it and take it as example... so, thank you girls and LET'S BUUUURRRP!!!!
How old are you?
Are you:
Perfectly fit (I mean: 34-24-34)
Your hair are:
Your eyes are:
Do you think you are sexy?
Sure! I'm pretty hot! Guys drool behind me!
I'm a sexy-bomb!
For my candid beauty I can be compared to an angel
I am not sexy at all... I think I'm ugly
Describe yourself physically (don't worry about being uppish, feel free to write everything)
Do you like to burp?
Burping its awesome! I love burps!
I like to burp
I don't like burps, I burp only if its extremely necessary
I hate burping. I never burp
Do you feel at ease when you let out a belch?
Absolutely! I burp continuously and in front of everyone!
I don't care about belching in my friends face
I burp only in front of my family
I let out my best burps only when I'm alone
I never burp, because I don't feel at ease
Do you feel happy when you burp?
YES!!! When I burp I feel free and relaxed!
Hm... Just if it helps my stomach ache
Why should I feel happy when I burp? Of course not! Its embarrassing!
Describe what you feel when you release a belch
Do you think that burping itself is sexy?
Burping is the sexiest thing a girl could do
Only if the burper is already sexy
Sometimes, depends of situations...
NO! Burping deletes female sexiness
Do you think that belching makes a sexy girl hotter?
Obviously! A belch is better than 100 sensual words... if the burper is sexy herself
When a girl belch becomes more sexy
If the girl is ugly, her burp may be disgusting
No, I don't think that belching makes us hotter
How many times a day do you burp?
20 or more (wow, you are a belching talent!)
Do you burp after eating?
Yes! And I make it on purpose because I like it!
Yes, because after every meal I need to make how many burps I want
Burping after eating means that you liked your meal... so I burp like a hog just for good manners
No, because its horrible
How much times do you belch after meals?
5 or more times
5 or more times, with fizzy drinks support
3-4 times
I make 1 or 2 deep belches
I don't burp after meals
Do you ever eat faster or chug carbonated drinks to induce yourself to burp louder?
Yes! Louder is better!
Yes, if I want a really deep one
Just to make it longer
No, because my burps are perfect
No, because I don't like to do it
List everything you use to make yourself burp deeper, louder and longer!!! (if there's not anything, just write it)
Is there some physical help that makes you burp better (like push your stomach, take off clothes, remove bra, etc.)? Check more than one!
Take off T-shirt
Remove bra
Push stomach
Swallow air
Raise up neck
No, I don't make myself burp on purpose. I burp only if I need to.
Do you ever push or rub your breasts when you burp? (I'm asking because i do this soooo frequently!!)
Yea! Because I like to do it!
Yes, I think it helps belches to come out easily and loudly
If I've done it sometimes, I was not aware
Do you like to burp when you're almost or totally nude? (I love belching nude or in panties when I'm alone at home!)
Yeeea! Clothes stuck burps in my throat... When I'm nude I can belch freely!
If I'm nude and I feel a huge and deep belch coming directly from my heart... I roughly blast it out!
Yes, I burp when I'm almost/totally nude, but not on purpose
Only if a huge and incontrollable belch comes up...
No, if its not necessary
Describe your belches in all their qualities! (smell, depth, modulation, length, etc.)
Oh no! You are at the restaurant and you ate a lot; now you feel that a really huge burp is building up in your stomach. What do you do?
No problem! I'll push my stomach and belch as loud as possible!
I burp naturally, between a word and the other
Burp loudly and say "excuse me"
Burp silently, so that no one can hear my gas coming out
Hold the burp
You are at the birthday party of your friend. You drank two large coke cans and now you feel so gassy that the burp you're gonna blast out can make become blonde your friend's hair. And now?
I'm sexy! Blasting out a burp makes me even more hot! I'll belch freely, as loud as I can!
I'll belch vulgarly. Its a party and I'm pretty hot... guys will give me other coke!
I'll burp naturally, even loud if I feel to. My friend will understand.
I'll try to burp silently, and if someone hears me, I will excuse myself.
Have you belched or burped during this survey? (you don't know how many times I belched while I was preparing it!)
Yeaa! More than once!
Do you ever uploaded a burping video on the Internet?
Of course I did! I've got a youtube channel whit all my burping skill!
Just some video, but the channel deals with other themes
I uploaded some video in the channel of someone else
No, I don't need a youtube channel to make people see and hear my belches.
Just like I wrote in the description, I would make a burping channel on youtube (cuz i'm pretty hot and sexy while burping), so I NEED to see your videos to have some idea for my channel and my future videos (I've already recorded something). I PRAY YOU, I IMPLORE YOU to write here your channels name, or your videos' links... if you have some burping videos (even if isn't made by you, but its, for example, a vid deleted from youtube), but you don't want to upload them on youtube, please contact me on skype (its my friend profile) " andreaunstoppable ", nickname "Rabbit". Please, do this, i really need your help!
Finally, if you pasted your video's or channel's link in the previous question (or using skype), click on "I'm the best, sexiest and hottest female burper in the world!"!!!! Thanks for help!
I am the best, sexiest and hotter female burper in the world!
I'm a good burper, but I don't have a youtube channel
I didn't help you on purpose. I burp just for myself, fuck you and fuck your future channel!
This poll was created on 2013-04-24 15:35:34 by burpsexy