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Online relations and relations on the side

The purpose of this poll is to shed some light on our thoughts regarding online relations and or additional partners with respect to our moral attitude towards them.
Are you male or female?
What is your age group?
Less then 25 year old
Between 25 and 35 year old
Between 36 and 45 year old
Between 46 and 55 year old
More then 55 year old
What is your sexual orientation?
Do you have an online relation?
Yes, I have 1 online relation
Yes, I have 2 online relations
Yes, I have 3 or more online relations
Do you have a real life partner?
Yes, I have one real life partner
Yes, one have 1 real life partner and one on the side
Yes, I have one real life partner and more then one on the side
Yes, I have more then one real life partner living with me
Yes, I have more then one real life partner, and one or more on the side
Is there any secrecy regarding the existence of your online relations and or partners? Choose the option that bests fits your situation.
I am completely open about it, everyone knows form everyone what is going on
I have only one partner
I have only one online relation
My real life partner is kept in the dark
My online relation is kept in the dark
Everyone is kept in the dark
I have more then 2 relations and there is a mix and match between openness and secrecy. You can optionally elaborate on your situation.
If you keep someone in the dark, which motivation matches closest to yours?
I am not keeping any one in the dark
It is convenient like this, but it would be manageable if it came out
There is a "don't ask - don't tell" status quo
It would be war
I could have not added my new conquest(s) if I would be open about it.
Other, please state:
What is your attitude towards engaging in more then one relation?
I am completely open about it and have a clean conscious.
I am completely open about it, but sometimes I wonder what I am doing.
I know I am cheating but that is who I am.
I feel guilty about it but there is nothing I can do about it.
There is an element of revenge in what I do.
I actually like the idea it would hurt my partner(s)
It is not that simple.....
Are you being cheated on?
Absolutely not!!
Could be and I would be not happy.
Could be, but who cares?
Yes and I am angry about it.
Yes and I am at peace with it.
We have open relations and no need to tell what we do
We have open relations and I am informed about it.
How does your situation affect your daily life?
Neutral, I manage well.
Stress and chaos.
A grind.
If you could turn the clock back what would you do?
I would not change anything.
I would not have complicated my life like this.
I would have been more adventurous when I had the chance.
Is there anything more you want to say?
This poll was created on 2013-05-01 06:19:44 by Elder-Dom