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What is your opinion on giving babies weird names?

I recently read an article, about countries like New Zealand and Iceland having laws that ban parents, from naming their babies certain weird or unacceptable names. I am curious to see what your own personal views are, in regards to naming babies odd names, and some of your own naming preferences as well.
Do you think it is acceptable for a parent to give their child a name such as Lucifer, 666, or anything relating to the devil?
No, because the child is bound to turn out evil with a name like that.
Yes, because those names are totally awesome.
No, it's absolutely unacceptable, because anyone with that kind of name would be ridiculed and bullied by their peers.
Yes, this is a free country, so parents should be able to name their children whatever name they like.
Should parents be allowed to take money from a major corporation, and in return name their child after said corporation, as a form of advertising?
No way, why would anyone in their right mind put a child through that? There are better ways to make money, than using their children for advertising.
Yes, the child will get a cool brand name, plus a lifetime supply of whatever product he/she is named after. There's nothing wrong with that.
No, a child's name is a representation of their identity, and naming a child after a corporation or product is just wrong.
Yes, because a corporate name would get the kid noticed, and it's better than a lot of the boring identical names people have these days.
I'm neutral about this. I can see how it would benefit the parents and child if money was tight and badly needed. However, the child would have to live with a lot of bullying and ridicule, so it's a trade off.
Do you think it's acceptable to give babies names, that mimic online usernames? For example, names such as 4Real, Huckster53, Bigluv4u, Superman, Bfxx, etc.
Yes, because it's important to distinguish our children from one another with unique names, especially now that there's over 7 billion people on the planet.
Yes, because the government has no business telling anyone what names are or are not acceptable.
No way, because no kid could ever live it down with a name like that! Seriously, who comes up with this stuff?
No, absolutely not! Parents need to put thought into their children's names, not just come up with a bunch of gibberish.
Should parents be allowed to name their kids after murderers and genocidal historical figures? For example, Stalin, Jack the Ripper, Adolf H, etc.
No, because names like that are just plain offensive. Any parent with a lick of common sense would know not to name their baby something that horrible.
Yes, because the history books don't always have the truth in them and the people in question might not be quite as bad as everyone believes. History books have been written by people, who often politically motivated and have their own biased view of things.
No, because that sets a very bad precedent. The kid with the name would suffer for it, and it would bring fresh pain to victims or descendants of victims, reminding them of a darker time in our history.
Yes, because in today's world political correctness has gone too far. You can't change the past, but you shouldn't fear it either. Making those names commonplace, would mean we are truly ready to move into the future, and those names wouldn't have the same recognition that they do now.
Do you think parents should stick to giving kids common names? For example, names like Steven, John, James, Jennifer, Sarah, Mary, etc.
Yes, I think it's a good idea to stick with common names. They're common for a reason, and they're popular because they're simple, easy to pronounce, and respectable.
No, because a child should have a name that represents their personality, or at least distinguishes them from the other hundreds of kids, when they are old enough to go to school.
No, I think the common names are boring. There's so many people with the same name now, that it gets hard to keep track of them all. They're overdone and it shouldn't be too hard for a parent to find a unique name, without going too far off the deep end.
Yes, parents should definitely stick with the common names. Usually, you can't go wrong with them. The child will fit in more with a common name, and there is little chance of that child being bullied simply because of his or her name.
Do you think gender neutral names are acceptable? For example, Dana, Justice, Jaidyn, Kamryn, Morgan, etc.
Yes, there's nothing wrong with gender neutral names. A child shouldn't be judged, based solely on their gender or name anyway.
No, gender neutral names can be confusing, so I think parents should avoid choosing them, if at all possible.
No, I think all names should be gender-specific. Gender neutral names can lead to self esteem issues, and they're in bad taste as well.
Yes, I think they are acceptable but only as a last resort; all other options should be explored first.
This poll was created on 2013-05-03 19:17:08 by Rosharia