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3 Ninjas know where to hit

3 Ninjas (1992), Chad Power, Max Elliot Slade, Michael Treanor

Perhaps the most popular live action kids movie of 1992 was the now classic 3 Ninjas which spawned 3 sequels — but are these films really appropriate for young children? This film series has been largely criticized for over use of groin strikes which some see as violent or even lewd. Others argue that the groin kick is an accepted self-defence technique taught to children in Krav Maga and other self defence systems. Some say that the films would not had been believable if the young heroes did not know where to hit. Have your say.

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What is your religion?

26% (9) None
14% (5) Roman Catholic
8% (3) Protestant
14% (5) Other Christian
14% (5) Jewish
11% (4) Muslim
8% (3) Other

34 voters have answered this question.

What US political party do you support?

30% (10) Republican
24% (8) Democrat
45% (15) Other / not from US

33 voters have answered this question.

How familiar are you with this film franchise?

32% (11) Never heard of it
5% (2) Hear of it but never seen the films
44% (15) Seen some of the films
17% (6) Seen all of the films

34 voters have answered this question.

In the original 1992 3 Ninjas Michael "Tum Tum" Douglas portrayed by Chad Power (Approx 7 yrs old) practices kicking a dummy between the legs. The dummy's eyes light up and a bell dings whenever the kick satisfactorily squares the place its testicles would be. Chad also kicks a man in the balls and head while defending his cottage. At the end of the film, he does a summer-salt and then graphically pounds the sole of his shoe into a man's groin full-force! What age do you think would be appropriate to see this film?

22% (8) 5-years and under
17% (6) 6 to 7-years old
17% (6) 8 to 9-years old
17% (6) 10 to 11-years old
11% (4) 12 to 13-years old
14% (5) 14-years or older

35 voters have answered this question.

In the 1995 sequel 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up Chad Power (now appox 9) aims for the nuts at every possible opportunity. There have been contests to try to count the number of times he does it! This movie was given a PG-13 rating probably due to the number of groin strikes. What age do you think is appropriate for this film?

11% (4) 5-years and under
20% (7) 6 to 7-years old
14% (5) 8 to 9-years old
23% (8) 10 to 11-years old
17% (6) 12 to 13-years old
11% (4) 14-years or older

34 voters have answered this question.

The final instalment in the 3 Ninjas legacy was 3 Ninjas High Noon at Mega Mountain also called mega flop by some. Perhaps due to concerns from the last film the number of groin strikes in this movie was reduced to one graphic shot by "Tum Tum" now portrayed by 8-year-old martial arts dynamo James Paul Roeske II which causes the victim to vomit! What age is appropriate for this flick?

23% (8) 5-years and under
23% (8) 6 to 7-years old
11% (4) 8 to 9-years old
11% (4) 10 to 11-years old
20% (7) 12 to 13-years old
8% (3) 14-years or older

34 voters have answered this question.

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