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Lost a bet to my boyfriend - how should I be humiliated?

I lost a bet with my boyfriend and he wants to humiliate me as much as possible over the course of four days. Please vote on what my 'punishments' should be - my fate is in your hands!
Day 1: What should my first punishment be?
Being pied in the face
Boyfriend does my makeup & hair badly before I go to the mall
Being gunged
Day 2: What should my second punishment be?
Being dressed/made up as a clown before going out in public
Being dressed/made up as a clown and then pied & gunged
Shaving off my eyebrows
Day 3: What should my third punishment be?
Cut my long hair really short and then get a really tight perm
Get a bowl cut or mushroom haircut (w/ the bottom completely shaved)
dye my hair bright red, cut it short, perm it, and shave off the hair on the crown of my head (to look like a clown)
Day 4: The Grand Finale - how should my head be shaved?
Shaved with no-attachment clippers & then shaved completely with lather
keep my day 3 punishment haircut for two weeks
a flat top (bare on the sides & in the back, 1/2" of hair on the crown of the head)
This poll was created on 2013-06-02 06:39:53 by wow123