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If the Savior walked this earth today, how do you believe he would be received t

Picture this. Our Lord and Savior returns in this day and age. How do you believe his presence will be received the world around? Do you think the powers that be would allow or tolerate it? I mean, people travel miles just to see a cornflake resembling his image, how do you believe people will react if they knew he was actually here, accessible and was for real?
It is written of the afflictions perpetrated upon Jesus Christ prior to his crucifixion. The movie Passion of the Christ has its own depiction. Today, do you believe that Jesus Christ would be received with open arms or have to bear some more creative abuse from they trying to hide his presence or the credibility of who he is? Who is and would there be a new Judas Iscariot? Redemption from the Sin of Death and bestowing Everlasting Life feats to be completed without aggressive opposition? Would the majority of they hearing of his coming drop everything and follow? How will the 'world' the world around be able to tolerate that? Want to know of your opinions.
Are there spiritual or physical things that will make the Savior stand out from all others substantiating that this is the Christ Our Savior, Our God? In the Lord's Prayer, " ... thy will be done here on Earth as it is in Heaven", substantiates that what exists in Heaven will also exist here Here ibn earth we have commerce established by what grew to be, 'the powers that be'. Is it not fitting, that the domination of commerce here would be one of the signs? The wealthiest, therefore the most powerful, a statement believed to be true by they sharing in that type of ideology. That would be a stroke of proof. All will know the Savior by the blood, the best and most powerful body fluid with healing powers, like a fountain of youth making 'living waters' a feasible term. Then there is the ability to withstand all afflictions perpetrated upon the Savior's person, but beyond which was demonstrated at the first coming. Miraculous recoveries over and over again after such acts are inflicted upon the Savior. The Savior's ability to lay down the life given of God at will. Lastly, the overwhelming denial of the perpetrators which are witnesses to the Savior's divinity, to acknowledge the survival of the Savior from life threatening acts upon the Savior's person. And then there is the gender of the Savior at the second coming. allehoffehope on facebook
This poll was created on 2013-06-12 14:27:49 by allehoffe