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PG-13 for Non-Stop Ninja Action?

In the first 3 Ninjas film (1992) Tum Tum (approx. 7 years old) is taught to kick the groin. By the third instalment, Tum Tum portrayed by Chad Power (now approx. 9) aims for the nuts every chance he gets.

Was this film given the PG-13 rating for too many shots to the balls?

What is your religion?
Roman Catholic
Other Christian
In the 1995 sequel 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up Chad Power (now appox 9) aims for the nuts at every possible opportunity. There have been contests to try to count the number of times he does it! How much of a factor do you think this was in the decision to rate the movie PG-13 rather than PG?
Not a factor
A small factor
A large factor
The only factor
In your opinion who is to blame for the excessive use of groin strikes?
Director Simon S. Sheen
Writer Alex S. Kim
Martial Arts Choreographer Wan-Chang Lin
Actor Chad Power
MPAA reviewers
Many people have argued that its not believable for a 9-year-old boy to successfully beat adult men unless he aims for their balls. Do you agree?
Not believable either way
Many people believe children should be taught to strike the groin in self-defence. Do you think that the fact that Chad Power uses this so often in the movie could be argued to have educational value to the young audience?
Yes, the MPAA should had taken this into account
No, its purely entertainment!
If this movie was released now do you think it would had received a MPAA rating of PG-13 or do you think it would get a different rating?
Yes, G
Yes, PG
No, it would still get PG-13
Yes, R
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