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Atheism / Why are you an Atheist?

At which age have you considered yourself an Atheist?
5 years and older
10 years and older
15 years and older
20 years and older
25 years and older
30 years and older
Why are you an Atheist?
I grew up in an Atheist family
My parents didn't teach me about God and the faith much.
We hardly go to church except maybe once a year at Christmas
My family was very religious and forced me to go church every week and tried to force their religious believes on me
Because I have read the bible.
Because in a dfficult time in my life I have prayed to God, but he didn't hear my prayer
Because of Atheist writings I have lost my faith
Because I felt science contradicts what I have read in the bible
Because of church scandals (e.g. priests abusing children)
Because of the sexual moral teachings of the church which are out of date
Other reasons please elaborate...
Are you open to believe in God?
No, I am definitely done with this substition
Yes, when I can I want to believe in God (again)
I don't know, maybe
What's your view on religion?
It's evil
I am neutral. It's not good and it's not bad
It's a positive force in the world
How do you feel about religious symbols / bible quotes in the public space?
I don't care. They don't bother me.
They bother me they should be removed.
This poll was created on 2013-09-14 14:43:02 by Michael Siegfried