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Morality In USA

Who/what defines morality?
Personal judgment
Collective reasoning (by society or government)
Does a secular government have the right to enforce morality? ie. Should abortion be a personal choice, with no state-government interference, in Wyoming?
Should media such as movies and video games be available to all ages regardless of its content rating (ie, PG-13, R, MA).
Yes, there is no apparent harm
No, age restrictions are appropriate
Why not? Children (minors) now-a-days are already very exposed to violence, cursing, and sexuality.
Is morality today changing or declining?
Changing: As times change, peoples' perceptions of how to behave are bound to evolve.
Declining: People tend to do whatever they please and disregard notions of right and wrong.
Why shouldn't the government create and enforce marriage laws?
People should be allowed to marry whoever they please
Marriage is an aspect of religion. Government should be secular.
It should to create order and maintain morality
During the 1700s, in the south, was racism justifiable? note: most of our founding founders were racist
Yes, because it was widely accepted and taught. Most colored people were slaves so it is no surprise that whites perceived themselves to be superior.
No, the moral "all men are created equal" was and will always hold true.
Would you support nationwide recreational use of marijuana?
Are the double standards in USA acceptable?
No, women get the short end of the stick
No, men are always expected to be courteous
Yes, double standards exist for a reason
Since America claims to be a secular government, should practices like the president placing his hand on the Bible when being sworn into office be revised?
Yes, a secular government should not contain any trace of religion within it
No, it is an American tradition that should be upheld
I do not care
In Luzerne County, Pa, a women was given a ticket for disorderly conduct for calling someone an "asshole" in public. Should profanity laws be enforced?
No, enforcing such laws conflicts with the first amendment.
Depends on the severity of the situation
Yes, children may hear, besides excessive profanity should be accounted as a misdemeanor.
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