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last time you tool your kids swmming

To find out fo parents if the last time they took thier kids swimming if they did it fully clothed with thier shoes and socks on and if so how they reacted
How old are your kids
Under 8
The last time you took your kids swimming to the pubalik swimming pool did they go in swimming fully clothed withthier shoes and sock on for fun
If they did were you awer they were going to do it
Yes it was pre pland as they had asked about doing it so i aranged for them to do it
yes they asked if they could do it before we set off
no they did it with out asing
how did you react when they did it
I was not boherdas I knew they were going to do it
I was not botherd it was thier choice at the end of the day
I just laught at they
I told them off for doing it at first but left them to it then when we got out I foun out they had taken a change f clothe with them so I appologised for telling them off
I just let them get on with it it was thier choice at the en of the day
would you let them do it again
yes if they asked me first
yes if that hwat they wanted to do
would have to think about it as the last time they di it i told them that i would let the do it on the under sanding that it was a one of and tey would not do it again
This poll was created on 2013-08-01 00:59:13 by HOWARDTHEDUCK