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Girls - Arm Wrestling, Biceps & Hands

If you have made the same experiences with girls like me during puberty and until today, please let us all know your stories and details. Thanks!
Boys - Which one of the following was the first situation between a girl and you with a sexual turn-on in puberty?
Most girls got taller than I was
Girls my age looked like having more arm strength and a bigger and more developed biceps than I had
Girls my age and sometimes taller size challenged me to arm wrestling
Girls who challenged me to arm wrestling were as strong as me or even stronger and won the match with ease
Girls who won the arm wrestling match against me teased me about that
Girls noticed their hand size and and finger length was longer than mine as a boy and wanted to tease me by comparing them with hers
Girls - What was your first experience, that was a turn-on for the boys that time? And what had the biggest effect for you girls?
Boys seemed to be envious, us girls were meanwhile taller than them
Boys got aroused that us girls were more developed, got meanwhile more arm strength and biceps than them
Boys wanted to prove their upcoming maleness and challenged us girls to arm wrestle them
Boys seemed to be turned on when girls teased them about losing the arm wrestling match
Boys seemed to be turned on us girls had got longer hands and fingers than them which looked like adult female ones
Boys seemed to get turned on when us girls arm wrestled each other or compared our biceps or hand size and - length
Boys - which fact has nowadays the biggest effect with a sexual turn-on for you?
Tall girls and women who are ( much ) taller than average female height their age
Girls each age and height who have a natural, not oversized but developed biceps
Girls and young women who are strong enough and put up a hard fight to win an arm wrestling match against each other
Girls and young women who are natural muscled and win in arm wrestling against boys and young men
Girls and young women with beautiful long hands and fingers which are much longer than average female hands or even that from boys and men
Girls and women - what of these facts are you proud of?
I'm ( much ) taller than girls or women my age or even boys and men
My biceps is natural looking but quite developed and visible
I'm strong enough to win an arm wrestling match against girls and women my age
I'm strong enough to bring boys and young men in real difficulties in a serious arm wrestling match or even win clearly
My hands and fingers are good looking and are clearly longer than average female ones or that from boys and men
Girls and boys - what seems to be nowadays the most effectful situation for you boys or girls to be turned on?
A tall girl shows girls / boys or women / men, how much she is taller than them
A girl has a natural but ( more ) developed and muscled arm and biceps ( than me )
An arm wrestling match between girls and young natural women
An arm wrestling match between a natural girl / young lady and a boy / young man
A girl or woman compares hands with each other and one of them has much longer hands and fingers, what makes both of them surprised or even turned on
A girl or young woman compares hands with a boy or young man and her hands and fingers are even longer than the boy's or man's
Girls - How old are you?
12 - 14
14 - 16
16 - 18
18 - 22
22 - 26
26 - 30
30 - 35
35 - 40
Older than 40
Girls - How tall are you, sorry I have to ask for centimetres?
Smaller than 150cm
150 - 155cm
155 - 160cm
160 - 165cm
165 - 170cm
170 - 175cm
175 - 180cm
180 - 185cm
185 - 190cm
190 - 195cm
195 - 200m
Taller than 200cm
Girls, how big is your flexed bicep circumfence?
Less than 20cm
20 - 22cm
22 - 24cm
24 - 26cm
26 - 28cm
28 - 30cm
30 - 32cm
32 - 34cm
34 - 36cm
36 or more cm
Girls, how long are your hands from wrist to the top of your middle finger?
Shorter than 16.0cm
16.0 - 16.5cm
16.5 - 17.0cm
17.0 - 17.5cm
17.5 - 18.0cm
18.0 - 18.5cm
18.5 - 19.0cm
19.0 - 19.5cm
19.5 - 20.0cm
20.0 - 20.5cm
20.5 - 21.0cm
21.0 - 21.5cm
21.5 - 22.0cm
Girls, how much of your hand length is your middle finger?
Shorter than 7.0cm
7.0 - 7.3cm
7.3 - 7.6cm
Average - 7.6 - 7.9cm
7.9 - 8.2cm
8.2 - 8.5cm
8.5 - 8.8cm
Even longer than 8.8cm
Girls, do you think you have long hands and fingers?
No, they are very short in comparison to average female hand size
They have nearly average female palm and finger length
They are just average - 17.2 - 17.8cm long
They are a bit above average female palm - and finger length
They are visibly longer than average female palms and fingers
My palms and fingers have average male length
My palms and especially fingers are mostly longer than male hands and fingers what makes me quite proud
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