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How Do You Spank Your Kids?

Are you a parent?
Are your kids boys or girls?
Is spanking the primary punishment you use or do you use a combination of spanking and other punishments?
Spanking is the primary punishment I use
I use spanking and a combination of other punishments
I don't spank my children
How old are your children?
0-3 Years
4-7 Years
8-11 Years
12-15 Years
16-17 Years
How often is spanking neccessary in your home?
More than once a day
Once a day
A couple times a.week
Once a week
A couple times a month
Once a month
A few times a year
Once a year
Less often than once a year
Is there a difference in the frequency that you spank your children at different ages? Please explain the frequency at different ages and any patterns of certain behaviors you notice one or more of your kids went through at a certain age.
If you can, is there a certain age range you think spankings were most common in your house?
0-3 Years
4-7 Years
8-11 Years
12-15 Years
16-17 Years
What position did you most commonly spank your children in?
Over the lap
Diaper position
Bending over bed, chair, etc.
Lying flat on bed
What implements did you most commonly use to spank your children with?
Wooden spoon
What is the state of the child's pants during the spanking?
Fully clothed
Bare Bottom
Do you have a specific number of spanks in mind when you spank?
Yes, I know ahead of time that my child is going to receive x number of licks with the paddle or x number of swats with my hand
No, I judge it by the child's reactions and attitude
No, I spank to tears
No, I spank until their bottom is red
I just simply spank until I think they've had enough. How do you determine this?
This poll was created on 2014-02-04 08:35:31 by mc.mbjones