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Gotta pee??? TAKE THIS!!!!

I dare you to take it....
Okay this is a long poll....to start go drink 2 bottles of water and come back in 1 hour. Okay?
No (leave)
How bad do you need to go???
1) I don't. (You were supposed to need to before you started this leave)
2) I need to go a little...
3) I need to go
4) Im holding it in (however you do) and need to go BAD!!!
5) Jerk, I had to go before, my underwear are wet....(or more)
Get a baseball. (Or hard ball of any kind) Now put it on the floor, and lay down your bladder on the ball. Relax for 20 seconds. How ya holding up?
Still don't have to pee. (THIS IS THE LAST QUESTION THAT WILL HAVE THIS AS AN OPTION leave if you didn't already have to go)
I gotta go worse now
I peed a little but stopped
A tiny wet spot appeared on the crotch of my pants
A wet spot is growing on my pants...I think I will be able to stop
I COMPLETELY PEED MY PANTS. (Skip to the end of the poll unless you still gotta go)
I was in class when I started to need to pee. I am too shy so I decided I could hold it. I had 5 bottles of tea earlier and soon my need became stronger, I started to squirm. The teacher started rambling about algebra and I couldn't help but notice the sink by me... Drip Drop Drip Drop Drip Drop Drip Drop For a split second I spaced out when I felt a warm trickle filling my underwear, I grabbed my crotch in terror, there was a dime sized mark. I thought to myself... I am not going to make it. I got up and screamed may I please go to the bathroom, I HAVE TO PEE!!!!!! The teacher said no I could wait till after the test she was beginning to pass out. As she said it, warm pee started flowing into my pants, I could barely stop. I sat back down. It was not long before a boy sitting near me noticed my desperation, he began to shake his water bottle. I bent over in agonizing pain *drip, drip*. He then slowly took the cap off of his water bottle, walked over to the porcelain sink and began slowly pouring his water into it, I COULDN'T HOLD IT!!!!! Warm yellow pee slowly began to trickle into my pants, I stopped for a minute but the pressure was too much, pee was spraying out of me, the warmth filling my jeans and running over the chair making a puddle on the floor, OH THE RELIEF!!!! It felt soooo good. How did this story make you feel? Did you pee?
I held it
I held it but barely.
I started spurting like crazy
I don't have to pee anymore...I am soaked. (To the end of the poll)
Do the butterfly stretch. Relax. Wet?
A little... *grabs crotch*
Pee started flowing but I stopped
I couldn't hold it, I peed my pants (shame on you, end of the poll)
Okay waiting time. Drink 2 more bottles of water. Wait 30 minutes.
Oh god I am not gunna make it (hehe)
Same scale as before how bad do you have to go??
Relax everything. Pee for one second. How much did you go?
Just the one second
I peed a little bit more than that
I peed a lot....but I stopped.
I couldn't stop peeing (end of the poll)
Time waster: whats the worst you have ever had to pee, and did you make it? Explain in detail.
Time waster: how bad do you need to go pee? How wet are you?
Press your bladder against a table. Relax everything. Think of peeing, the warmth and relief... How you doing explain in detail
Say out loud "I am peeing my pants it feels so good wet and relieving" 15 times slowly relax everything, no holding yourself. Did you copy your words?
Maybe a little.....
Yes (to the end of the quiz with you)
Two more bottles of water. Wait an hour and a half. Still dry?
Do the exersise from above of your choice relax and think of peeing for thirty seconds. Wet?
A little
A lot
If you made it to here go pee
I didnt
This poll was created on 2014-02-18 00:41:44 by Hellothurrrr