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teen girls wearing diapers for special occasions

I want to know how people feel about teen girls wearing diapers under dresses for special occasions such as baptisms,first communions,confirmation,weddings,purity balls,parties,etc.
Should teen girls wear diapers for special occasions in case they have accidents and also to make them feel cute and girly?
What kind of diaper should be worn by teen girls under their dresses?
Should teen girls wear diapers to prevent them from wanting to have sex?
Should the diapers worn under dresses symbolize the teen girls purity and innocence for the special occasion?
Should girls in weddings wear diapers under their dresses?
Should diapers and plastic pants be required for girls under their white communion and confirmation dresses?
when teen girls wear diapers under dresses,should they have plastic pants over them?
Should mom and dad require their teen daughters to wear diapers for holidays and special occasions?
This poll was created on 2014-02-24 17:29:39 by pacifier