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Boys who read girl magazines

Have you ever read a girl magazine before?
If yes then which one or ones do you read?
American Girl
Glitzy Girls
USA Pageantry Stars
New Moon
Discovery Girls
Girls' Life
Pageantry Stars
Dream Silver Girls
Ooh So Glamorous
Others please post on message board
How often?
All the time
Rare occasion
Daily Basis
I don't know
Have you been caught or almost caught?
When a girl you knew o know found out what does she do?
Keep it a secret
Tell her friends
Hang out around more
If she told her friends what did they do?
Reacted hysterically
Invited me to a bunch of all girls sleepovers
Hung around more often
Wanted me
If sleepovers are involved then tell if your man enough or are you?
Describe every detail of your experiences and no school or others boys involved alright just girls and you only
This poll was created on 2014-03-02 20:12:11 by Iwantagirlgriendplease!