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May the better Will Men Win?!

Can a man get a better outcome for 50% of the Fairer Voters.
Choose the Most expressive Popular Candidate for the unspoken political needs of the Fairer Sips Voters, in the Freedom US System
Bravid Valour, when Valour says to women,"maybe", Women very definitely say NO. Valour wants as many women on his side as he can marry to his cause, theirs.
Hillary Clinton is a womans woman, that can stand by, over a correctable erring man. Love on Love, experienced intelligence on intelligence.
Senator Michele Bachmann, has been described as Intelligence on Intelligence, and has stoutly said NO to Valours, uninvited exploratory maybe...to everything...endearingly courageous of him.
Britney Spears just wants to say she wants to END Horse Valour, any which may she can end horse, his horse trading, french eyes, and stoop the messin ur, if I cant end horse him. BE QUIET SPEARS or I will mail you Snail grits.
Tay is married to Valour, and can be Marshall, while she trains as a trainee Sherrif, when she hands the Luger over to silently Glareing Marshall, and flushes the arm band...coz I got their votes already.
Demi Lovato is all that and more, and then some, the whole deal plus steak knives going out doors at men, a 150% truth, sees at every woman's hip and is joined eye to eye with all women.
This poll was created on 2014-03-31 15:29:05 by S.T day or T.S day