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If you were Eden Wood's personal butler or worked and cheered for her

If you ever got a chance to work with a famous child star like Eden Wood being hired as a butler, helper, or anything including a cheerleader as a teenager would you take this? Boys only just for ages 12-17 only.
If you ever got an opportunity to be Eden's butler or anything would you take it?
If yes then what position?
Personal Butler
Youngest butler
Clean her room
Do her chores if she even has any
Her cheerleader
Get her things she wants anything
Clean up after her messes.
Why would you?
I want to work with somebody famous
I don't know
I want to do stuff for others
I want to assist
How old?
Would you do it a long time?
What do you think she'd make you do or ask you to do?
What do you think she would make you do with, and for her?
Make me be her playmate when she's lonely
Get her snacks
Do her laundry
Clean her room
Things I can't do
Make me spend the night in her room with her and her friend or friends
Do her chores if she even has any
Anything and Everything
Everything on here
Buy things
Cheer for her
This poll was created on 2014-04-05 05:11:48 by Iwantagirlgriendplease!