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Fate/Stay Night - Which Route is your favorite?

This poll is really only one question long and it's only for those people who have played the Fate/Stay Night Visual Novel game, or at least those who know the story for all 3 routes. By routes, I'm referring to the Fate route, Unlimited Blade Works route, and the Heavens Feel route. So! If you haven't played through all three, don't bother with this poll, although I am looking forward to getting as many results as possible.
Which of the three Fate/Stay Night Visual Novel routes did you like?
Fate (Saber's storyline)
Unlimited Blade Works (Tohsaka Rin's storyline)
Heavens Feel (Matou Sakura's storyline)
This poll was created on 2014-04-12 11:24:43 by dragonz94