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Who are you voting for in the European Elections 2014 (UK)

The European Parliament elections, 2014 will be held on 22nd May for the United Kingdom. Who will you elect as one of your MEP's for the next five years? Current parties: Labour Conservative Liberal Democrats UKIP Green Scottish National Plaid Cymru Sinn Fein Ulster Unionist Party British National Party Democratic Unionist Party British Democratic Party We Demand A Referendum Party An Independence from Europe Party
What party will you vote for?
We Demand a Referendum Party
Liberal Democrats
An Independence from Europe Party
UK Independence Party
Green Party
Scottish National
Plaid Cymru (Wales)
Sinn Fein (Northern Ireland)
Ulster Unionist Party (Northern Ireland)
Democratic Unionist Party (Northern Ireland)
Social Democratic and Labour Party (Northern Ireland)
British Democratic Party
Alliance Party (Northern Ireland)
Mebyon Kernow (Cornwall)
NI21 (Northern Ireland)
Traditional Unionist Voice (Northern Ireland)
English Democrats
Socialist Labour Party
Yorkshire First
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