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ballbusting for girls

questions about how girls feel about ballbusting.
Are you a girl that has hit a boy in the balls?
No (leave now)
How old are you?
18 or older
When did you first hit a boy there?
Who was he?
Younger brother
Older brother
Other family
Stranger or other
From one to ten how effective was it? 10 being lethal 1 being no pain
1 no pain
2 arm pain
3 Light
4 Not weak
5 hit to the stomach
6 ouch
7 unbelievable pain
8 knock out
9 castration
10 death
What did you use?
hands on ( squeeze twist pull etc.)
other body part
Why did you do it?
See what happens
He annoyed me
He hit me
He asked
Turn on
How did you react?
Keep busting
Feel powerful
Feel happy to be a girl
Wondered what happened
Sex masturbation or get turned on
Feel bad
Tell someone
Are you glad you don't have balls?
I guess
Not really
I wish I did
Of course who wants a weak spot
Yes a little
No I wouldn't care
I would lose the ability to do certain things (splits or whatever)
I couldn't live with balls
Do you still bust boys?
Not for a year
Not for a month
Not for a week
Not for a few days
A few times a day
Every chance I can
Does it hurt girls?
Not even a little
Like an arm
A little more than an arm
Like the shin
Like the face
Like the stomach
As much as a boy
Even worse than a boy
When you start ball busting when do you finish?
After one hit
Only a few hits
After five or ten minutes
After half an hour
Full hour
Until I am tired
Until he can't take anymore
I don't
Should girls be allowed to ball bust boys in an organized fight?
No that is way too unfair
It doesn't matter they are unaffected
Yes not my fault they are weak
Not all but a few
Half of them
Most of them
All should be mixed gender with ball busting not only allowed but encouraged
It doesn't matter girls can win without it
If a boy hit you in the groin would you hit him in the balls?
Yes full-force
Yes pretty hard
Yes medium power
Yes weakly
Yes a tap to warn him
I would threaten his balls
I would hit him avoiding his balls
I would bust him until he passed out
I would laugh and tell him I didn't have balls
I would squeeze his balls until he apologized
I would cry
I wouldn't be able to hit him
If a boy asked you to play roshambo where you kick each other in the groin until one of you surrenders or falls down what would you do?
Agree and try my best
Agree and go easy on him
Kick him in the balls then I would have already won
Laugh at him and tell him he had no chance
Decline sounds dumb
Agree no surrendering allowed
Agree except you lose by passing out
Agree but let him hit my boobs since it would actually hurt. Now its a little fair.
Play strip
Play for a reward
Let him kick you then once he realizes he can't win let him off easy.
Best two out of three :D
Surrendering only if you fall you can get back up
what would your brother (if you don't have one imagine you did) have to do to get hit in the balls
Hurt me
Hit me
Touch me
Insult me
Annoy me
Touch my privates
See me naked
Steal from me
I would never do that
Instead of telling my parents I would punish him like that
If he told on me
If hit my private parts
If you were play fighting your brother what would be acceptable?
No rules
No full force groin hits
Nothing hard
Only tapping private parts
He can hit my private part I wouldn't hit his
I can hit his but he is not allowed to touch me like that
No touching privates
squeeze only no punch kick etc.
If you had balls for a day and your brother didn't what would you do?
Get busted whether I like it or not
Get busted so I know what it does
Go through a normal day
Fight my brother and get dominated
Fight my brother and win anyway
Stay in my room
Wish it was permanent
Wish it never happened I hit balls not get hit :(
If a boy asked you to kick him without any specifications what would you do?
Kick him full force
Kick him hard
Put him down but no more
Make him wish he was a girl
Make him a girl
Hold back a lot he wants to be kicked not killed!
Bust him until he was done
Bust him as long as you like
Refuse he has no idea what he's asking
Play roshambo
Refuse it won't hurt
If a classmate (male) sees you naked by accident what do you do?
Forgive him
Ask him out
Make love
Kick the perv so hard he passes out
Kick him to prove a point
Warn him you will hit his nuts if it happens again
Light blow to the nuts
Hit elsewhere
Make fun of him
Make him get naked
Should sports be mixed with busting allowed?
Mixed no busting
Mixed and busting whenever
Mixed busting during gameplay
Mixed busting with the ball only
Mixed busting with body only
Busting only guys kicking each other is fair and funny
If a boy touches your privates intentionally how do you respond?
Grab his balls and squeeze as long as I feel like it
Make him apologize using his balls of course
Ignore him
Kick him once
Warn to bust him
Hit elsewhere
Warning shot
Bust him until I get bored
When/ if you have a son is busting a fair punishment?
No that is insane
I might try it
Under rare circumstances
As much as any other punishment
I would only use his nuts
I would spank my boys and girls on the groin lucky girls
I would not only bust him but have his sisters watch
The entire family would watch
If your daughter kicked your son in the balls what would you do?
punish her harshly
punish her as if she hit him any other way
light punishment
No punishment
Congratulate her
Make her bust him more
If a girl hit your brother in the balls what would you do?
Protect him
Beat her up
Hit her in the privates
Praise her
Bust him harder
Help him get up
Leave it alone
Make him envy you
If your brother wanted to be a girl would you?
Feel bad for him
Tell him boys are just as good
Bust his balls until they don't work
Cut his penis and balls off
Bust him for awhile
Make him envy you more
Show him you groin
Why do girls not have balls?
God loves us
So we can be better
So we can be equal
Nature does what it want
Don't know but I'm glad we don't!
Don't know don't care
If you were attacked by a man how would you respond?
Be screwed
Kill him with his balls
Take those things off
Bust him just enough to run
Fight fair
Depends how generous I'm feeling
If your brother thought girls had balls and kicked you what would you do?
Kick as hard
Cause the same damage
Hit his balls way harder
Bust him all day
Take his clothes off
Take your clothes off
Tell him you don't have balls
Make him apologize with his balls
When is it okay to ball bust a boy?
What does it feel like exactly to be hit in the groin?
Explain the feeling of hurting a boy there
Why do you hit boys there?
What laws/ rules would you change about hitting balls?
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