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Legislative Prayer

In the recent case of Town of Greece vs. Galloway, the Supreme Court ruled that legislative bodies could open with sectarian prayers. This poll is to gauge people's opinions toward this.
Where do you live?
What are your religious beliefs?
How do you identify yourself politically?
Do you agree with the Supreme Court's ruling in this case?
Why or why not?
Under what circumstances should prayer be allowed in legislative meetings in the United States.
None at all, government meetings should be purely secular.
Meetings can open with an invocation or moment of silence, but no official prayers should be allowed.
Prayer can be allowed as long as it does not mention a specific sect or deity.
Sectarian prayer can be allowed as long as the legislature is careful to invite representatives of multiple faiths to deliver prayers.
The legislature can decide who it invites to give prayers without regards to maintaining a balance of faiths.
Legislatures should be restricted to prayers for a specific faith or tradition, such as Christianity or Islam.
This poll was created on 2014-05-18 18:16:39 by atheistkid