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I Got Paddled In School

This poll is open to anyone who received corporal punishment in school. You must be 13 & up to take this poll.
What decade did you graduate or attend High School?
I'm still in Junior High/Middle School
In 2012 your State went in the column for_____
Barack Obama
Mitt Romney
I am not from the United States but I want to take this poll. Is that ok? (Sure is just answer the response that is closest to you)
Black or African-American
Bi or Multiracial
What is the spiritual beliefs of your household that you grew up in or in now?
Christian (Protestant, Catholic, )
Christian (Evangelical)
Jewish (Orthodox/Conservative)
Jewish (Reform)
Muslim (Sunni/Shia)
Muslim (Shiite)
Eastern (Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, etc)
Spiritual No religious affiliation
Eclectic (Everyone went their own way)
Non Religious
Ok heading to the Principals Office (For those from other countries that didn't use the paddle just substitute in your mind the implement that was used)
Ok let's go
Let's go but not looking forward to it, the thought of it still makes me nervous
Was/is paddling allowed by law in your state?
No but still was paddled
No so if I got in trouble at school I would get spanked at home
I attend(ed)
Public School
Private School
Public School then transferred to private school
Private School then transferred to public school
I've been paddled by a
Male principal
Female principal
Male teacher
Female teacher
Male coach
Female coach
Male counselor
Female counselor
Male support staff (ie secretary, librarian, attendance sec, teachers assistant)
Female support staff
Male custodian
Female custodian (seriously? are you joking?)
No Aries I am not joking I was paddled by a custodian
My paddling(s) were administered
In class in front of others
In the hallway where others could hear
In the principals office
In the coaches office
At the teacher's or administrators house (approved by my parents/guardians)
At the teacher's or administrators house (parents didn't know, doing it this way got me out of serious trouble)
My trip to the office knowing I was going to be paddled
Felt long and dreadful
I had butterflies in my stomach
I was crying on the way there
I was scared/nervous
I was pissed for being sent so I would end up going there with an attitude
I had no feeling just wanted to get it over with
I was a class clown and pretty much laughed or smiled on the way there
The feeling l had after I was told l was going to get paddled
I had a numb sinking feeling
I was ready to start crying
I started getting mad he/she is not my parent
Pure fear of being hit with the paddle
No worries, swats stung but I took them and showed little or no emotion once I found out I was getting paddled
Number of swats l would get
If you received more than 6 swats were they split up?
Yes they were done in sessions
No they were all done in one setting
I never received more than 6 swats when I was paddled
I cried
Before I got the first swat of the paddle
While being paddled
After the paddling was over
It depended on who paddled me or how hard. I didn't always cry while being paddled
I didn't cry
When l had the choice between detention or paddling l chose
Suspension or paddling I chose
Have you ever burned off a detention?
When I came home the same day l was paddled, after school correcting consisted of_______
A stern lecture
Hand spanking
The belt
The paddle
The cane
Tree switch
House shoe/sandal
The wooden spoon
The hairbrush/bathroom brush
My mom and or dad called the school and told them to never paddle me again
Thanks for taking the poll feel free to share your experience on the message board!
Would love to see more spanking polls from you
I hope to never get paddled again
Getting the paddle made me a better person
Getting the paddle had no effect on me good or bad
I'm not done with school and can't stay out of trouble it's only a matter of time I will get paddled again
This poll was created on 2014-06-13 14:30:20 by aries44