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Assault or justice?

14-year-old Michael lives with his mother and his 9-year-old sister Abigail. Last year Abigail hit Michael in the balls by accident and was amazed to see her brother who she had seen as invincible hurt.

Ever since then Abigail has been increasingly obsessed with hitting him there. At first it was a game. She would try to lightly punch him in the balls once or twice a week. Most of the time he could block or avoid the hit but she got him a couple of times in the first three months. None of these were particularly bad and hurt for only a few minutes.

Each time she struck her target Abigail would become more determined. She began to punch harder and started to kick as well. By the end of month four, Abigail successfully kicked Michael in the balls hard enough to drop him to the ground for three minutes.

Over the next two months not a day went by that Abigail did not try to bust her brother's balls in some way. His balls were punched dozens of times and kicked three more times. Half way through month seven she kicked him in the balls so hard he puked!

In desperation, Michael pleaded with his mother to take action to stop Abigail's increasingly bad behaviour but she just called it a phase that she would grow out of. She did not seem to take it seriously.

By now Michael was blocking a dozens of kicks to his groin every week and at least half a dozen punches every day! His balls were constantly red and swollen. Abigail was successfully punching his balls every other day and kicking them at least once a week. He's thrown up at least five times because strikes to his testicles. Finally Michael has had enough. He punches Abigail in the face and breaks her nose. The mother freaks out.

Was Michael justified in breaking his sister's nose or was this an assault?

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Based on the story above, how would you describe Michael?
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Michael claims that if he hadn't stopped Abigail it wasn't long before she'd break his balls. Do you believe him?
Do you believe that Michael's actions were justified?
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