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Mega giantess and feet

Feeble attempt to indulge my fetish :-)
Are you a female?
How old are you?
13 - 15
16 - 17
18 - 20
21 - 29
30 - 39
40 - 49
Do you think it would be cool to suddenly grow into a giantess?
Would you find it sexually arousing to grow into a giantess?
How tall would you like to grow?
Around 50 ft
Around 100 ft
Around 200 ft
Around 500 ft
Around 750 ft
Around 1000 ft
1000+ feet
Would you choose to be barefoot?
Do you have cute feet?
If you could get away with it, would you intentionally step on the tiny people?
Yes! Anyone and everyone that I could get my feet on!
Only carefully selected people.
Not intentionally, but I wouldn't make a special point of avoiding stepping on them.
No, not at all.
Would you do the crushing barefoot?
Hell yes! I'd revel in the feeling of their tiny bodies squashing into my bare soles and toes!
No, I'd find a way to cover my feet and then squash people.
I wouldn't squash people.
Would you torture and taunt the little people before stepping on them? Or would you just squash quickly?
Torture! I'd use my giant feet to torture the little people for a slow cruel death.
A little bit of both. Some playing and some quick squashing.
Just quick mindless squashing.
Would you squash people between your toes?
Hell yes. I'd love the feeling of their little bodies bursting between my bare toes! I'd make a point of individually placing them between my toes to do this!
Only if they happened to get caught in between my toes. Then sure, I'd give them a crushing curl.
Would you choose to have your feet be stinky?
Yes! I want the sweaty stench of my giant bare feet to be the last thing they smell before they are mercilessly crushed to death.
I don't care either way. Stinky feet or not, they're still getting crushed by my goddess bare feet.
Hell no. My bare foot crushing will be fresh smelling feet.
Would you actually use the stink of your feet to torture the tiny people?
Hell yeah! I would force the people to inhale the stink of my wrinkly soles and my sweaty soles. I'd even force people to smell the stench between my giant toes!
No. My feet would be stinky, but I'd just do normal squashing.
My feet wouldn't be stinky.
Would you lick the blood, guts and bodies from your feet?
MMMMM, sure would! I'd worship my big stinky feet right in front of all the little people. I'd lick their squashed remains off my wrinkly sole and between my toes.
No. I'm not licking my feet!
Would you have your other females friends join you as being a rampaging giantess?
Yes! The more the merrier!
I wouldn't be against them joining me if they grew
No. I am a solo rampager!
Would you prefer your friends be barefoot?
Yeah. We should all do our squashing with our cute bare feet
I don't care either way.
Heck no.
My friends won't join me.
Would your friend's feet be stinky?
Yes! The city should be engrossed in all of our wonderful footstink
Either way, it doesn't matter to me. As long as they're crushing the people like the goddesses that they are.
No. They have regular smelling feet
My friends won't join me.
Would you and your female friends lick the crushed remains off each other's feet?
Yeessss.... we'd have a big foot orgy for all to see!
No thank you!
Please type up an entertaining detailed cruel story about you (and maybe some friends) growing to 100s of feet tall and rampaging a city! The more details the better!
This poll was created on 2014-06-07 07:01:56 by solez