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Amount of Clothing

13 or below
What clothes do you normally wear at home?
Shoes (slippers) with socks
Shoes (slippers) sockless
Socks, but no shoes
Trousers/ shorts (with underwear)
Trousers/shorts (freeballing)
Just underwear
T-shirt (with vest)
Naked chest
Completely naked
What do you like to sleep in? Select the one that applies:
Pyjama top, pyjama bottoms, socks and underwear.
Pyjama top, pyjama bottoms and underwear
Pyjama top, pyjama bottoms, freeballing...
Just freeballing in pyjama bottoms
Just underwear
Tick the box if you have ever been........................... at school. If you always are ...........at school then tick the box with the (A) next to the answer.
Freeballing (A)
Sockless (A)
Both sockless and freeballing (A)
Both sockless and freeballing
Scenario 1: You arrive at school freeballing in your school uniform. Then your teacher informs you that you have PE that day after lunch. You don't want to get naked in front of your school in the huge changing rooms. At lunchtime do you?
1) Pretend to be sick, so that you can go home early.
2) Ask your friends for a spare pair, saying that you wet yours.
3) Say that you forgot your PE kit and sit out for the lesson.
4) Take your PE shorts and change in the toilet before PE. Freeball during PE and after PE, get changed in the toilet back into your school trousers.
5) Get changed in the changing rooms, after all you're not scared if anyone sees you naked. During PE, you enjoy the feeling of freeballing rather than being scared of being caught. After PE, you get changed and naked again in the changing rooms.
Scenario 2: You arrive at a shoe-shop wanting to try on some new shoes. However, when you arrive you notice signs saying that you must wear socks to try on new shoes. Do you?
1) Look around but don't change into any shoes
2) Ask the clerk for a pair of socks
3) Go home and put on a pair of socks.
4) Change into the shoes sockless anyway.
5) Leave the shop
Scenario 3 :You are on a school activities trip. In your dormitory in Spain (or wherever you are) there are two boys, A and B, not including yourself. To test yourself you don't bring a single pair of underwear with you. At night you have to change into your pyjamas, which will cause you to get naked. Unknown to you, A is also a fulltime freeballer and he sleeps naked. However, B doesn't freeball, and will freak out and tell the teacher if he sees you doing it. How do you avoid B from seeing you change into your PJ's?
You talk to A about it, hoping he might understand and have a solution. Remember, you do not know that A freeballs.
You explain to B that you freeball and that he doesn't have to tell the teacher.
You get changed in the toilet...
You steal some of B's underwear and put that on.
You gather up all of B's underwear and pour water over it. Then you say to B that your underwear also got wet and you think A must have wet it as a mean prank. You use the fact that your underwear is wet to avoid wearing it.
You take all of B's underwear and hide it, forcing B to freeball: hoping, that B will like the feeling and will want to freeball and let you freeball.
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